What Should We Pay Attention When Choosing Sunglasses

Sunglasses not only has the action that prevents ultraviolet ray, prevent bright light, prevent vertigo , but also be the symbol of a kind of vogue. Nowadays it already became one of the necessary articles of mass consumer, play an important role in modern life. Because of this, the product quality of sunglasses is attracting more and more attention from the society.


As ordinary consumers, what should we pay attention when choosing sunglasses ?


1. Meet the testing standards of the country.

At present, the most common test criteria in various countries are: European standard EN1836, American standard ANSI Z80.3, Australian standard AS/NZSI1067, and Chinese standard QB2457.The implementation of these standards has a very good supervision effect on the circulation market of sunglasses, and effectively protects the rights and interests of consumers and personal safety.


2. UV protection sign

The main function of sunglasses is to prevent strong light and glare, especially ultraviolet radiation, so as to protect eye health from damage in summer.The damage of ULTRAVIOLET rays to human eyes mainly depends on the wavelength of ultraviolet rays, radiation time and radiation intensity as well as the strength of human eyes' own defense mechanism. Cornea and lens are the eye tissues most often damaged by ultraviolet rays, and solar keratitis and corneal endothelium injury.

Accordingly, say simply, when buying sunglasses, must pay attention to lens and pack have "UV400" and "prevent ultraviolet ray" mark.


3. Safety performance identification

Sunglasses with safety protection features are made of impact-resistant materials, such as PC lens, and are often labeled with "impact-resistant performance", "FDA approved" and "in line with the highest standards in Europe and the United States" on labels and instructions. Such products are a good choice for motorcycle riders and drivers who have special requirements for safety performance.


4. Depending on the event

Depending on the light source and occasion, the color of the lens will affect the shading effect. If you want your sunglasses to be effective against the summer glare, you should keep your glasses deep enough in color, but when riding or driving, don't choose lenses that are too dark. Yellow, orange and light red sunglasses can cause eye strain, but yellow lenses work better in red and green, respectively, for distinguishing traffic lights.


5. Dress according to your personal style and face shape

For modern people, sunglasses are not only for blocking the sun , but more for matching clothes and making themselves looks cooler. Sunglasses serve as fashionable article, its better be harmonious between glasses and face shape, dress and temperament .


In a word, as consumers, we should consider the product quality, brand, style and style coordination when choosing sunglasses products.At the time of purchase, complete packaging should be requested, and keep it well, this is the manufacturer's commitment to product performance.Or let the merchant mark these additional protective functions on the invoice, once the dispute occurs, will not be passive due to lack of evidence.

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