How To Choose Sunglasses Fit Your Face

With the development of the times, people buy sunglasses no longer simply to protect their eyes from uv damage, but more to make themselves look more beautiful.So how do you choose the right sunglasses to make you look cool, handsome and beautiful?


1. Choose according to your brow shape

In general, eyebrows are ideally aligned with the top of the sunglasses frame and slightly above it.

Eyebrow peak and eyebrow tail can be slightly higher than the frame, eyebrows and frame in line usually looks the most harmonious.

An upturned brow is not suitable for upturned sunglasses (such as cat eyes), which will make your features look more upturned.



2. Choose according to eye position

When the eye is on the up of the lens, it is easy to appear slouchy, listless; and it's funny when eyes at the bottom.

Split the glasses horizontally in half, with your eyes slightly above the "dividing line"is the best .

The eye position can be adjusted through the nose rest of the glasses and the glasses leg.


3.Choose according to your nose

The nose is the only vertical line of the face, emphasizing this line can increase the three-dimensional sense of the face

People with short noses should opt for the lens frame connector on top of the sunglasses that visually "grow" the nose, and vice versa for sunglasses with the connector on the bottom.

Sunglasses with a high connector on the lens frame are also suitable for people with a large nose. If the frame does not touch the nose, and the frame itself is thinner, the effect will be better.


4. Choose according to your face shape

People with elongated faces tend to wear round glasses to make their faces look shorter visually, while the lenses are more suited to warm tones such as pink or wine to add softness to the face.

People with a round face prefer glasses with a big and thick frame. If you choose glasses with thin frames, your face will appear larger. You can choose darker lenses to make your face look more compact.


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