What Is The Difference Between A 12-degree High-precision Lens And A Traditional 25-degree Lens?

blue light filter glasses

Personalized customization has become a habit of quality life and high-end people. Privately tailored products can not only get the biggest experience of the products but also help ourselves. We has been optimizing and innovating products, focusing on optometry. Optician, as early as a few years ago, began to cooperate with Tianrun Company, which focuses on custom lenses in the industry.

When we have optometry, there will be such a feeling. When the optometrist gives me the test after I have measured the degree, I find it a little uncomfortable, and then feedback it to the optometrist. The optometrist gives you a reduction in the degree. I found that it was not clear. This is a change of 25 degrees. After the increase, the overcorrection is reduced. After the current industry situation, only the lens can be chosen to make a relatively comfortable compromise, but with 12 degrees. Lens optimization allows you to take an intermediate value between 25 and 50 degrees to achieve a clear view of the subject and an unacceptable eye.

±25 degrees Most human eyes can basically adapt, but there will be unsuitable situations such as people with extremely sensitive eyes, people with abnormal optometry, and pursuit of high-quality visual people such as designers, painters, financial accountants, etc.

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