Is Blue Light (HEV) So Eye Damage?

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Long-term effects of Blue light

The retina is protected by several factors: macular pigment, antioxidants, melanin, vitamins, and cell self-renewal.

Over time, the body's natural protection is weakened, the protection of the retina is weakened, cellular metabolic waste accumulation (lipofus), harmful free radiation, leading to premature aging of the retina, increasing the risk of age-related macular degeneration, while the average life expectancy Increased and increased exposure to sunlight in life can also contribute to impaired retinal protection.

The harm of blue light in artificial lighting

Fluorescent lamps in indoor lighting use red, green, and blue primary phosphors to work with alternating current. It not only has severe stroboscopic and radiation, but also contains high-energy blue light. Nowadays, the ordinary LED lamps only rely on the blue light of 450-455 nm wavelength to excite the phosphor to emit light, and the merchant can generally enhance the blue light intensity of the LED light source in pursuit of brightness. The long-term operation of the human eye under such a light source will directly damage the cells in the macula area. Such light damage to children's eyesight is irreparable!

Blue light hazard in digital products

With the popularity of tablets and smartphones, the light of 3C products also contains harmful blue light based on the principle of screen illumination of digital products. For people who have long faced computers and mobile phones, the time for eyes to be exposed to blue light is greatly increased, and the probability of eye damage is straight rise.

Blue light damage to the eyes:

Increase the retinal macular area disease, cause fundus damage after cataract surgery, cause visual blur, visual fatigue, cause computer vision syndrome, inhibit melatonin secretion, affect sleep, increase the incidence of disease!

The blue light in poor illumination will disturb the secretion of melatonin and disrupt the sleep order, leading to various health problems.

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