Top 10 Sunglasses Brands In 2019

In 2019, the latest sunglasses brand list was released. Let's take a look at the brand data of this list.

The top ten sunglasses brands list. This list is supported by the CNPP big data platform. It comprehensively analyzes various strength data such as the popularity of the sunglasses industry brand, the number of employees, the size of the company's assets and the operating situation, and released this list. The data is only for the convenience of users to find a good brand reference. For the specific list, please refer to the latest updated data.

NO.1 RayBan

Founded in the United States in 1930, the world-renowned sunglasses brand is positioned in the field of high-end glasses. The lens is mainly synonymous with glass lenses and is a synonym for sunglasses that block strong light. It enjoys the reputation of "a symbol of American culture"


Founded in 2002, it is a well-known sunglasses brand under the French Essilor Group. It mainly promotes adult sunglasses / optical lenses and children's sunglasses products. It attracts market attention for its modern and elegant brand tone.


Established in 1993, China's well-known professional sunglasses manufacturer has been known for providing wearers with "adaptive" glasses systems.


Founded in 1992, a well-known trademark in Fujian Province, China, a pioneer of domestic fashion eyewear brand, a company specialized in the design, production and sales of glasses and sunglasses.


Established in 1975, the top ten brands of sunglasses and polarizers, known for excellent high-definition optical technology, specializing in the production of design sunglasses

NO.6 Polaroid

A brand that originated in the United States in 1937 and focused on the polarizer market earlier, sold to domestic and foreign markets with a combination of function and fashion.


A well-known fashion eyewear brand in China, featuring fashion / individuality, publicity and design.

NO.8 Prsr

Established in 2002, the fashionable sunglasses brand created by Yingchang Glasses, a well-known sunglasses brand, focusing on product research and development design and functional innovation.

NO.9 HelenKeller

Well-known sunglasses brand, inheriting American classic fashion design style, featuring intellectual / elegant / casual fashion style, specialized in R & D, design, production and sales of domestic and foreign brand glasses.

NO.10 ArnoldPalmer

Founded in the United States in 1955, the product line covers many industries such as fashion, home textiles, footwear and glasses, and is popular with consumers for its color fashion.

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