The Darker The Lens, The More Eye Protection?

The darker the lens, the more eye protection? Expert say: The darker the color, the greater the damage to the eyes. Sunglasses are mainly used to prevent UV damage to the eyes. Because ultraviolet rays may induce corneal opacity, cataracts, pterygium and the like. Many people think that the darker the sunglasses, the better. but it is not the truth. Wearing sunglasses that are too dark is more harmful to the eyes. Because dark glasses not only make our eyes darker, but also make the pupils bigger, so that the amount of ultraviolet rays passing through the pupil area is more, the range of damage to the lens and the retina becomes wider, and it is easy to induce glaucoma. ,cataract. Although dark sunglasses can block some of the light damage to the eyes, it is difficult to block harmful light such as ultraviolet rays and blue light.

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