Glasses Cloth Is Not Used To Wipe Glasses?

When the glasses are dirty, taking a breath and wipe with glasses. This is a lot of people's habits. Why not using glasses cloth?


Some people say: glasses cloth is not used to wipe glasses! Long-term use of glasses to wipe the glasses will cause lens wear; the function of the glasses cloth is only used to wrap the lens, and is isolated from the glasses case. Their reason is: some glasses cloth fiber gap is large, the texture is relatively rough, it will collect a lot of dust after a long period of time, with high hardness dust or particles to wipe the glasses, it will scratch the lens.

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Glasses cloth is not used to wipe glasses? This is really amazing.


The optician said: "That is too absolute, glasses cloth can wipe the glasses, the key to see how to rub." Grab the corners of the clothes and rub, the lenses are very easy to be hurt, if the glasses cloth is very hard or dirty, vigorously "dry rub" lenses, the friction is very large and certainly not good. The lens is a little dusty, and it is no problem when it is gently bounced off with a glasses cloth. If the glasses are dirty, they can be washed directly with tap water, or cleaned with detergent and soap, then washed with tap water. After cleaning, wipe it off with a cloth. Although detergents and soaps contain chemical components, after all, the concentration of contact lenses is not high, and the time is not long, and they are quickly washed away, which is not enough to damage the coating on the lens surface.


“Absolutely can't be rubbed with toothpaste, because toothpaste contains rubbing agent, it is fine particles, it will grind the mirror surface. In addition, some people are convenient for drawing, pick up the clothes and use it to wipe the glasses. In fact, the fibers of the clothes are also very thick, vigorously rubbing the mirror will also cause scratch and tear." Be careful of these then you. don't need to worry too much that the glasses cloth will rub the glasses.

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