Let Your Eyes Rest Well

Everyone wants to have a pair of bright eyes, no matter adults or children. There are also many ways to protect your eyes. However, while you are protecting your eyes, you should know what behaviors will cause your eyes to be hurt. Pay more attention to prevent them in order to better care for your eyes.


1. Damage of Computer


This may be the behavior that is most likely to endanger everyone's eyes. For a long time, paying attention to the computer screen, it is easy to cause symptoms such as dry eyes and discomfort. Although hard work is very important, the health of the eyes is not to be underestimated.

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Suggestion: Please rest your eyes every hour, close your eyes for 5 minutes, and you can calmly think about the execution details of your work during this time. You can also let the line of sight extend far away, how far you can see, and correct the focal length of your eyesight.


2. Damage of Rubbing Your Eyes with Your Hand


Running around, the hands touching various items, must hide a lot of germs. Suddenly the eyes are itchy or tired. Most people will rub their eyes in an intuitive way. In addition to bringing the bacteria into the eyes, if the force is not controlled, the eyeball is easily damaged.

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Suggestion: You can temporarily soothe your eyes by turning your eyeball or blinking quickly, or gently massage your eyeball with tissue paper or a handkerchief. Try to avoid touching your eyes with your hands.


3. Damage of Dark Light


To create a temperate life, many people use only indirect light sources to create an atmosphere. Reading in such a low-light environment requires strong eyes to clear reading. Such behavior can cause great fatigue and stress damage to the eyes.

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Suggestion: For good eyes, turn on the light source, let the environment have enough light, the reading quality will be better, and the eyes will be more comfortable.


4. Damage of Staying up Late


Work, play games, watch TV, as the number of modern people staying up late, the load of visual function is getting bigger and bigger; the organs of the body can't rest, not only hurt the liver and hurt the kidney, but also hurt the eyes more.

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Suggestion: Unless you are insomnia, don't stay up late! Sleeping at the right time and taking a good rest is definitely the best care for keeping your eyes healthy.


5. Damage of Smoking


Smoking is harmful to the human body, and the impact on the eyes is of course great. Whether it is nicotine or tar-induced degeneration-derived lesions, or direct damage from smoke directly to the eyeballs, it is a chronic threat of unhealthy health.

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Recommendation: Smoking is harmful to health, and all aspects of the body need to reduce smoking. In addition, if it is surrounded by second-hand smoke for a long time, it will also cause harm to the eyes. Protect yourself from the Smoking environment and protect your eyes.

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