History Of Glasses

According to Nature ,90% young people in East Asia are nearsightedness, especially in South Korea ,96.5% of teenager who is 19 are trouble with myopic . So ,glasses are becoming the most common medical device in the world .


Different from the modern glasses ,the ancient glasses are made by nature material .

crystal glasses


The earliest records shows the 1st glasses were used by Romans ,they put water into glass container to magnify the words on book .

Then come to 2nd Century ,Greek mathematician Ptolemy was promoting convex lenses to magnify reading .


By Year 1000 , people used polished crystal rocks to magnify the words on book ,which be known as Reading Stone .

 reading stone

By late 13th century ,glasses lens were come out ,but the frame usually be wood,leather or horn of animals .

1st glasses made by Italian

People usually hold the glasses in front of their face on put on nose like you always see at TV . But actually this glasses are used for farsightedness only ,after 1 century later , myopic glasses had come out .

glasses put on nose


Temples of glasses were come out at 1600s ,and there were ribbons looped on ears,so peoples hands were relieved .


By1730s ,the glasses leg changed to hard material ,so people can put glasses on their ears easily . By that time ,glasses has developed to the shape what we know .

glasses with hard arm 

By end of 1700s , there comes out a glasses which for both nearsightedness and farsightedness ,which called BIFOCAL




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