How To Choose Men's Sunglasses

The frame needs to match the face 

The combination of the frame and the shape of the sunglasses determines whether this sunglasses is suitable for you. Usually we will use the shape of the frame to modify the shortcomings of the face. For example, the man with a baby face, the square frame is more suitable for him. The lines on the face are softened, while the men with square faces are more suitable for round frames.


It is important to choose the color of the lens by skin color.

The color of the lens of the sunglasses not only blocks the glare, but also protects the eyes. In fact, the choice of the color of the lens has a great relationship with the skin color. It is generally recommended that men with slightly white skin can try light-colored sunglasses, including brown and light gray, so that the color of the lens can set off the complexion, so that the male looks gentle and more refined, while the darker male chooses the color slightly deeper. Sunglasses will be more suitable for your skin tone.


Sunglasses lens can’t be too dark and too light

Sunglasses with too much color are likely to have traffic accidents due to poor communication ability identification, and sunglasses with too light color can not block the sun. When you choose sunglasses, you may want to try it: you must try it on when you buy it. Look at the variation of the color difference in the surrounding environment. The color of the sunglasses with small change in color is generally suitable. We all know that one of the most important functions of sunglasses is to protect against UV rays.


The frame should be light and beautiful

Glasses worn by business men generally choose thin-framed glasses. Thin-framed glasses can give others a sense of sagacity and connotation, and it is easy for their bosses and customers to believe in their abilities. In addition, half-frame and frameless glasses are also popular with white-collar workers. These frames are light in weight, small in appearance, and stylish in appearance.


Resin lens is popular 

The resin lens is light and not easily broken, but the surface is easily scratched. Crystal lenses absorb only a small amount of harmful light and do not heat up, which means that a lot of harmful light enters the eyes, so crystal lenses are harmful to the eyes. Nowadays, as resin lens technology becomes more and more mature, resin lenses are gradually gaining popularity, and the use of resin lenses is a trend.

Nowadays, resin-coated lenses are very popular. Commonly, there are anti-reflection films, hardened films (anti-wear films), and anti-UV films. The anti-reflection film can increase the light transmittance, making people see more clearly, and at the same time, because the reflection can be reduced, the lens is also more beautiful in appearance. The hard film can effectively protect the surface of the lens from abrasion, and can also resist the damage of hard objects and prolong the life of the lens.

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