Bvlgari Serpenteyes Glasses

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BVLGARI combines enduring brand features with modern, modern aesthetics to launch a highly innovative mirror collection. This season, we are especially looking forward to the perfect expression of BVLGARI EYEWEAR's famous "Serpenti" series in the design of glasses-drawing inspiration from the brand's iconic snake head ornaments, showing a bold and cool sense of charm and luxury. The current avant-garde mirror design uses a lightweight metal frame material with laser snake engraved exquisite snake head details, which has an eye-catching eye-catching effect; the cat-eye silhouette sunglasses complement the neat and smart line design, perfectly interpreting BVLGARI EYEWEAR A seductive and elegant fashion attitude like the Queen of the Nile.

BVLGARI is the oldest jewellery brand in Italy. It has stood for more than 130 years. Its glorious history can be traced back to 1884. The Greek immigrant Sotirio Bulgari opened his first shop in Rome, using ancient Roman culture with a history of more than 2700 years as The background is blended with its modern design work, creating classic series of jewelry, accessories, watches, perfumes and so on. BVLGARI began to introduce elegant and brand-recognizable design items in the 1970s, which instantly became the god of the world after the god of God. With a beautiful design of BVLGARI, it can enjoy the endless luxury and brilliance it brings. So far, the BVLGARI EYEWEAR series has even been praised as the real body of art, and BVLGARI EYEWEAR is also considered to be one of the most representative and influential mirror design brands in modern times.

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