Your clothes are not suitable for cleaning glasses lenses

Contact lenses with T-shirts, sweaters and other textiles will not produce any good results. Therefore, even if it is a convenient choice, it is never a good idea to wipe the glasses with clothes. The risk of scratches on the ophthalmic lens is too high. As a result, scratches cannot be removed from the lens. Therefore, the damage caused on the lens will be irreparable.


From time to time you can go to a professional optical shop to clean your glasses, which is very helpful. Professional optical shops have specialized equipment that can be used to clean the glasses better and softer. The most important of these is the ultrasonic cleaner. During this process, the glasses are placed in a special container. Ultrasonic vibrations can be used to clean the glasses very effectively within a few minutes. This process not only cleans the lens, but also cleans the frame. There are already devices for home use. If you want to buy, it is recommended to go to a professional store to listen to expert advice. This is because only when operating at very high vibration frequencies, the glasses can achieve excellent cleaning results.

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