Which sports glasses are right for your favorite sport?

sports sunglasses

Five different levels of protection are usually distinguished by the color of the lens. The table below gives you an overview of the different glasses options and types that apply to each particular condition.


Category 0

Bright or particularly bright

Light absorption rate: 0-20%

Suitable for insect or   windproof

Category 1

Bright to semi-dark

Light absorption rate: 20-57%

Suitable for cloudy days and   a small amount of sunlight; strong contrast

Category 2


Light absorption rate: 57-82%

Suitable for normal sunlight,   as in summer

Category 3

Especially dark

Light absorption rate: 82-92%

Suitable for winter sports,   in the mountains or on the beach

Category 4

Extremely dark and/or   reflective coating

Light absorption rate: 92-97%

Suitable for use on icebergs,   on water or in the desert (but not for driving!)

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