Suggestions when choosing a colorful lens

sunglasses colorful lens

When you are choosing a color tone for your lens, remember that it should not be too deep. If you want to wear dyed glasses regularly, the staining of the lenses should be the lightest, so that people with you can still see your eyes clearly. When choosing a color, women should go through the usual eye makeup and then choose a color that can be matched. At the same time, you should also consider your usual dress style.


Trends often have a special preference for yellow, rose or blue tones. However, if you plan to use your dyed glasses as sunglasses, you must choose more carefully, as not all dyed glasses provide adequate sun protection, especially for UV light. Some of them can even cause harm. Put on your sunglasses and your pupils will expand, which will make your eyes more vulnerable than usual. So, choose to filter UV: If a pair of glasses can reduce the light by more than 30%, then it should provide UV protection as much as possible. Please note that the color or color intensity of the lens does not represent the level of UV protection. The reliable indicator should be the CE label (certified label for the European market).


In addition to UV protection, you need to pay attention to another protective factor. Within the visible spectrum, blue light causes the most damage to the eye. It can cause damage to the macula (the area in the glasses that produces fine sharp vision). Moreover, it can cause the dispersion of light, thereby reducing the level of contrast sensitivity. A good pair of sunglasses must provide both UV protection and blue light protection.

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