Microfiber glasses cloth - save your sunglasses lenses

For the daily maintenance of sunglasses, it is recommended to use glasses cloth made of microfiber. This type of glasses cleaning cloth can be obtained from a professional optical shop. Dust and dirt can stick to the cloth. This process is called dry cleaning, which removes dirt and dust particles and can be done at any time, even on the road. If the lens is more dirty, the first step that should be taken first is to clean the lens in warm water. A single wash can make the cleaning process more efficient. But be careful: don't use oily soap. Oily deposits can remain on the lens, causing annoying oil stains. Lens cleaning sprays from eye care professionals are also very effective. After cleaning with a spray, the lens can be dried with microfiber glasses cloth.

microfiber cleaning cloths for glasses

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths For Glasses

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