When watching TV old man also need to wear reading glasses

Many people with presbyopia can't see close-up objects. They usually wear reading glasses while reading books and reading newspapers, but they are taken off when watching TV. In fact, this is harmful to vision.


As we age, the body's physiology is degraded, and the eyes are no exception. As the lens hardens and the elasticity is weakened, the contraction ability of the ciliary muscle is reduced, resulting in a decrease in the adjustment ability and a near-distance shift. Therefore, it is difficult to see at a close distance, and it gradually increases with age. This phenomenon is presbyopia, medicine. It is called "presbyopia". Under normal circumstances, when people are 60 years old, the near point of sight is about 1 meter; at 65 years old, the near point of sight is about 2 meters; at 70 years old, the point of sight is about 4 meters. It should be noted that the human eye can only see the object comfortably and clearly when using the adjustment force within 2/3; if all the adjustment force is used to see the object, it is easy to cause eye fatigue and blurred vision. Eyes sore, tears, etc.


Therefore, the elderly should not only read glasses, read glasses, but also wear reading glasses. When watching TV, it is best to wear a pair of reading glasses with lower degree.

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