Is colorful sunglasses really good?

With the constant impact of fresh elements at home and abroad on the lens market, all kinds of sunglasses have become the new darling of the tide people. The technology of sunglasses products has been continuously upgraded, and “fashion” has become one of the direct factors of consumers. Sunglasses are favored by consumers, but are colorful sunglasses really good?

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First let's take a look at the characteristics of colorful sunglasses:


The colors of colorful sunglasses are red, orange, silver, blue, blue, purple gold, local gold, etc. Each color represents the unique personality under the sun! Red is passionate and indulgence; orange is bright and beautiful; Silver wit dare, chasing dreams; blue pure and fresh, chasing freedom; blue calm and bright, free to do whatever; purple gold charm is endless, dazzling; local gold is noble and noble, domineering side leakage. Colorful sunglasses can catch eyeballs in color first, so you can also have fashion in myopia! There are also a variety of colors to choose from, you can mix clothes, accessories, etc., beautifully decorated, highlighting the trend of bright colors, showing the match The wearer's fashion exclusive charm!


However, the colorful sunglasses with a wide range of colors are not good at preventing harmful light, and the effect of reducing the brightness is not very good, so from the perspective of eye protection, colorful sunglasses are not the best choice. Gray, brown, and dark green sunglasses have super-reflective function, which can properly block glare, resist ultraviolet rays, improve visual clarity and visual comfort, and is the best choice for eye protection.

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