Choosing sunglasses and rational consumption

1. First of all to know the purpose of buying sunglasses


We must first know that different types of sunglasses have different applications and crowds. We must first purchase sunglasses. Do you want to make sure that the purpose of your purchase is to shade or to decorate your clothes? Are there any UV protection requirements other than shading? Are there any special requirements for the safety performance of the lens? Only by clarifying these purposes, combined with the style and the actual effect of wearing on my face, can I buy a pair of suitable sunglasses.


2. You must learn to understand the product identification


Not all sunglasses have anti-UV function. A pair of sunglasses that meet the basic requirements of the standard can only be said to block the strong light without transmitting more ultraviolet light. If a pair of sunglasses can only block the glare and can't block the same amount of ultraviolet light, the wearer will accept more UV light than wearing sunglasses (wearing sunglasses will reduce the amount of light entering the human eye, Causes the wearer to increase the pupil). Sunglasses sold on the counter of the store generally have obvious signs on the lens, on the tag or on the outer packaging, just like the marking of the fabric components on the clothing. Consumers must carefully check when purchasing.


3. To have the basic skills to distinguish the intrinsic quality of the lens


- The degree of lens should meet the requirements for flat lenses, and there should be no optical defects that affect vision. The simple identification method is that the sunglasses can be placed in front of the eyes, and the distant objects, such as window frames or door frames, are observed through the lenses, and then the glasses are moved up and down, and the target should not have wobble and wave deformation.


- The color of the lens should not be biased. The color of the surrounding environment should not be distorted. The edge of the object is clear and has the ability to effectively recognize different color signal lights. The choice of the color depth of the lens depends on the location of the desired activity. For different light sources and occasions, the color of the lens will affect the shading effect. To make sunglasses effectively block the summer glare, the color of the glasses is deep enough, but for cycling or driving, do not choose lenses that are too dark.


Before rational shopping, first of all, we must clearly define the purpose, go shopping with the target, and do not need to go directly to the goods in the target. You can write a shopping list before shopping. In shopping, we must be optimistic about the quality of the products, do not get the cheap price and lose.

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