What aspects of sports glasses are particularly important?

When buying sports glasses, it is especially important to choose the material for the lens and frame. Injury during exercise can cause serious damage to the eyes, but sports glasses can help prevent this from happening. Although the type of exercise determines which glasses are right for you, the basic principles are the same.


Sports glasses should be as durable and lightweight as possible, and they are close to the skin and comfortable to wear. The glasses should be close enough to the eyes to prevent stray light from coming in - at the same time, your eyelashes should not touch the lens. The material should not break and be as durable as possible while maintaining ductility and flexibility. These features reduce the chance of injury, such as when falling, because your glasses will "give way" instead of breaking. Choosing the right material also affects the comfort of wearing.


There is a rule of thumb here: the lighter the glasses, the more comfortable they are on the bridge of the nose. For this reason, and because it reduces the risk of injury, resin materials (such as polycarbonate and polyamide/nylon) should be the right choice: the weight of the resin lens may be 50% lighter than glass lenses.


Note: When selecting a spectacle frame, make sure it contains no accessories that may harm you, ie glass or metal parts. In addition: Applying a hard coating to the resin lens can effectively protect the lens from scratches.

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