Sports Glasses And Lens Colors

sports sunglasses

First of all: Dyeing lenses not only reduce the intensity of light irritating the eye, but also change the spectral composition due to its color properties. Sensitivity to color varies from person to person, and each of us feels differently about dyed lenses. Therefore, choosing the color of the lens is a special thing that varies from person to person. Not everyone who wears glasses feels comfortable with each lens color. When you choose the color of the lens, take some time to try different options.


But no matter which color you choose, be sure not to be too dark. The intensity and color must match the type of exercise and the brightness expected. You can refer to this article "Which sports glasses are right for your favorite sport?". The amount of solar radiation from skiing or water sports is often higher than many other outdoor activities. For this reason, the lens color should be slightly darker. It is also recommended to add a mercury coating. Water sports enthusiasts and anglers can benefit from lenses with polarized filtering. This special coating reduces the irritating reflected light, which is the sunlight that shines on wet roads, on snow, on water or on metal surfaces. The effect is that the annoying reflections are reduced and the view is clear and comfortable - even in bright sunlight.

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