Types of eyeglasses

Glasses can be divided into full frame, half frame, and frameless according to style. The advantages and disadvantages of these three models:

Full frame glasses, small field of view, suitable for people with high degree, the lens stability is good and not easy to fall off.

full frame eyeglasses

Full frame eyeglasses

Half frame glasses, the view is relatively larger than the full frame, stylish and elegant, the degree of glasses can not be too high, affecting the appearance.

half frame glasses

Half frame glasses

The rimless glasses are stylish and elegant, and the weight is very light. It is suitable for people with myopia below 400 degrees. The field of view is large. The shortcomings is that the screws are easy to loose. Since the lenses are perforated, the screws are easy to loosen and the lenses are easy to collapse.

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