What material glasses frame is light?

At present, the carbon fiber material is the lightest among all the frame materials. The material test confirmed that the carbon fiber of the same size is 29% lighter than the titanium frame and 1/3 lighter than the metal. Its essential properties determine that it is lighter, and the weight of the bridge of the nose can be greatly reduced when worn.

It also has corrosion-resistant, high-modulus properties, affinity skin, and is an important material in defense military and civilian applications. So far, only a few countries such as Germany, Japan, and the United States have mastered the core technologies of carbon fiber production. Developed countries use carbon fiber for racing and aviation, and apply carbon fiber to glasses. It also brings new vitality to glasses, lighter materials, healthier and more environmentally friendly. Lightweight frames make you forget to wear glasses.


In addition to the carbon fiber material, the frame of pure titanium is the lightest. Pure titanium is a kind of metal material with high melting point and light weight. It can be used by hand. Its weight is very light. The weight of the alloy frame is about 8.9g/cm3, and the weight of pure titanium frame is 4.5g/cm3. It can be seen that the weight of the pure titanium frame is almost half the weight of the alloy frame.

Pure titanium frames are not allergic to the human body, and pure titanium can dissolve ions that have adverse effects on the body's bioelectric current, have good compatibility with human tissues and blood, and have beneficial physiological effects on the human body. Widely used by the medical community. The great advantage of pure titanium material is light weight. From the perspective of the production process of glasses, pure titanium is characterized by high strength, corrosion resistance, good flexibility, etc., and is not easily deformed and durable. The pure titanium frame metal has a strong texture and is especially suitable for people who like business style.


In addition to the carbon fiber and pure titanium frame mentioned above, there are also tungsten carbon, tr90, ultra-thin acetate and so on, which are also very light glasses frames, which is also worth a try.

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