Components and classification of glasses frames

The glasses frame is an important part of the glasses, mainly for supporting the lens, and the beautiful frame can also play an aesthetic role. The materials are mainly metal, plastic or resin, natural materials and so on.


A pair of eyeglass frames usually consists of main parts such as temples, frames, nose bridges, nose pads, pile tip and glasses legs. In addition to the above components, there are leg sleeve, slat screws, hinges, screws and the like. There are also the size of the spectacle frame, such as the length of the temple, the width of the bridge of the nose, the width of the frame, and so on.


At present, the main metal materials of glasses frames on the market are high-nickel alloy frames, Monel frames (nickel-copper alloys), and titanium frames. The price difference is very large. Even if the same material and processing technology are different, the price varies greatly.


Plastic glasses frames mainly include injection molding frames and acetate frames. Injection molding stands are cheaper, have poor quality, and are prone to fading and aging. The acetate frame is of good quality, durable, not easy to fade, and has good stability. The new popular material TR90 on the market now has better performance.


Frames of natural materials include horns, bamboo, mahogany, and tortoise (National Protected Animals are prohibited).

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