Transmittance of glasses

The higher the transmittance level, the darker the lens color. Wearing this kind of lens with deep color will not only make you "black" when you enter the tunnel, but also make you "silly and dumb" when you encounter traffic lights.


What is the transmittance


The transmittance index of sunglasses directly affects the safety of the wearer when driving, so let's learn about the transmittance first. According to the standard, the transmittance of sunglasses is divided into 4 levels. The higher the level, the higher the light blocking rate. The categories of sunglasses are usually divided into: light-colored sunglasses, sunshades and special-purpose sunglasses. Light-colored sunglasses have a transmittance class of 1 and the lens is the lightest, making it suitable for most everyday life. The sun visor includes a transmission class of 2, and a transmission class of 3, the lens is relatively dark, and is only used when the sun is strong, especially in the summer sun. Special-purpose sunglasses have a transmission class of 4, and the lenses are the darkest, and are only suitable for skiing, desert, beach, etc.


Knowing the meaning of different transmittances, you can purchase different types of sunglasses according to your actual needs when you purchase sunglasses. Currently available in the market for sunglasses, the logo will be marked with three categories: light-colored sunglasses, sunshade and special-purpose sunglasses. Light-colored sunglasses are suitable for when the sun is not strong; sunshades can block most of the strong sunlight. Role; if you are going to ski, beach, desert and other strong sunshine conditions, you can choose special-purpose sunglasses, but this type of sunglasses is only suitable for use when the sun is particularly strong, once you go indoors and other dark environments, immediately remove the sunglasses And such sunglasses are not suitable for driving.


For sunglasses, the most important thing is that the color of the lens can not be biased, and can not cause color distortion of the surrounding environment. How do consumers judge the quality of a pair of sunglasses? Before you wear sunglasses, observe objects such as red, green, and yellow. Then wear sunglasses and observe the same object. The color of the two observations cannot be biased. Color, judge otherwise will reduce the ability to identify traffic lights.

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