Do you really know how to choose eyeglasses frames?

Most consumers only consider the "good looking" when choosing the glasses frame; this is the same as finding the boy or girl friends. After all, you and your glasses will live together in the future, so in addition to the "good looking", at least three factors must be considered:


First | The frame is sized


For example, if some people have their ears in front or back, the length of the selected temples will be different. Too long or too short will affect the forward and the eyeglass distance of the glasses. Although the size of the glasses is indicated on most shopping websites, it is difficult to choose a frame that fits your size without being tried on site.


Second | Your prescription for eyeglasses


Your prescription and frame selection are closely linked. For example, consumers with a high number of frames, if a large-sized frame is selected, not only will the lens be thick and heavy, but also the eyelashes will be rubbed into the lens when blinking.


Third | The use scene and purpose of the glasses


The frames chosen for different needs are different. If you exercise regularly, you need to match the anti-slip measures on the inside of the temple, and the design of the arm with a certain curvature can be wrapped more compliant; you often need to have a non-slip slat and a high frame height. You need a wider side view when driving. Professional opticians can give you the best recommendation based on your actual needs!


The above three points can only be fully reflected in the store optometry, not on the Internet to feel good to buy back! FLYMOON also provide different kinds of glasses frames, you can go to eyeglasses frames to get what you like in competitive factory price, feel free to contact us.

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