Teach you men how to choose sunglasses


Men usually think that sunglasses can protect the eyes as long as they block the sunlight. As everyone knows, sunglasses are also an indispensable tool for modeling. For men, the choice of sunglasses is not only a shade, but also makes you look More radiant.

It’s not good if the color of sunglasses are too deep or too shallow.

Sunglasses with too much color are likely to have traffic accidents due to poor communication ability identification; sunglasses with too light color can not block the sun. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to wear it when you choose to buy it. Look at the variation of the color difference in the surrounding environment. The color of the lens with small change in color is generally suitable.

Of course, the above is not absolute. Personal preferences and the needs of special occasions should also be included in the selection of men's sunglasses. In any case, under the premise of ensuring the effect of sunglasses to protect the eyes, the best choice for yourself is the best choice.

The frame need light and beautiful

Glasses worn by business men generally choose thin-framed glasses. Thin-framed glasses can give others a sense of sagacity and connotation, and it is easy for their bosses and customers to believe in their abilities. In addition, half-frame and frameless glasses are also popular with white-collar workers. These frames are light in weight, small in appearance, and stylish in appearance.

The frame can be made of metal or plastic. Frames made of various alloy materials are light, tough, strong and resistant to perspiration. The colors are gold, silver, black, coffee and many more.

The frame is available in a variety of shapes, including round, oval, square, and polygonal.

The round frame has a long history and looks gentleman; the elliptical lines are smooth and subtle; the square and the circle are classical, the four sides are clearly defined, and the edges are distinct. It is a typical male model; the double beam avocado type, commonly known as The frog mirror cuts off a corner between the inner side and the lower side of the frame, and the inner tip is outside.

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