Matching glasses online is no longer doubtful

optical glasses

The development of the Internet has made people prefer to shop online from physical stores. This has brought a lot of room for online glasses. More and more people accept and love this way, but there are still Many people think that it is very difficult to have an online optician. If they choose to go to the end, they may not achieve their expected results. So if you want to get cost-effective and suitable glasses, let me give you some advice.

First. Choose according to your work or learning environment.

For your work environment, people who have long-term contact with computers and contactless computers, if you work in a computer environment, then you need a more powerful lens, long-term facing the computer, anti-blue, anti-radiation Lens is a must and anti-fatigue.

For students, it is necessary to choose lenses that slow down the fatigue of the glasses. Moreover, the students have more outdoor activities, and the lenses also have the function of hardening and scratching.

It is much easier to choose a lens in daily life, and it is a waterproof mist with practical functions. Progressive film is the first choice.

Second, select the lens according to the degree of myopia.

When choosing according to the degree, people's entanglement point always lies in the refractive index. The refractive index of the lens also involves the problem of the thinness of the lens, that is, the aesthetics we wear, but in general, we must pay attention to the practicality of the glasses. .

Less than 300 degrees, 1.56 refractive index lens; between 400 degrees and 600 degrees, choose 1.61 refractive index ophthalmic lens; within 800 degrees, suitable for wearing 1.67 refractive index lens; more than 800 degrees most Good use of 1.74 lenses.

At the time of selection, there is no need to pursue a high refractive index. After all, it does not have a decisive influence on correcting vision.

Third, look for the brand and choose the price.

Foreign big brands, it must be impeccable quality, but the price is relatively high, this quality is directly proportional, such as Zeiss lenses, is from Germany known for its quality, as well as France's Essilor lenses.

The biggest advantage of the domestic lens brand is the price. After all, it is slightly lower than the foreign price. For example, the moonlight lens with 16-layer coating design has a ray transmittance of more than 95%, and the domestic brand lens has many styles. novel.

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