Why are glasses soiled so easily?

A friend who wears glasses will complain about a problem. Why are glasses soiled so easily? Let's find out why.

Once myopia is wearing glasses, it is basically in addition to sleeping, washing time to pick up the glasses, some high-level friends exaggerated even wearing a bath, then let's analyze why the glasses worn on the face all day is so dirty. ?

First: the lens layer problem, the lens surface will have a film to prevent dirt and dust. If the lens is easy to dirty, it may be that your lens surface lacks anti-fouling film and anti-static film layer, making dust easy to adsorb. On the surface of the lens.

Second: the lens adjustment problem, such as the mirror distance, if the eye distance is too close, the humerus is too high, it may be the surface of the skin attached to the lower edge of the lens or the eyelashes will be brushed when your eyelashes are too long. On the lens.

Third: personal habits, after wearing glasses, we will unconsciously add one more action is to push glasses or lift glasses, when doing the action of lifting glasses, it is likely to touch the spectacle lens to cause fingerprints, not timely Cleaning causes dust to be absorbed, or it is possible to take the spectacle lens inadvertently after we take off the glasses. Especially for women, there are special occasions such as make-up and cooking. The mirror surface is more susceptible to stains.

Fourth: Other reasons, such as the soup we eat, the soup that is easy to splash when eating hot pot, the bad air smog, the rain on the rainy days, the water vapor in the hot spring bath, etc., if not cleaned in time It is the cause of the dirty lens.

So how do we usually maintain:

1. When choosing a lens, try to choose anti-fouling and anti-static functions;

2. Correctly adjust the mirror distance between the frame and the eye. (The distance between the lens and the apex of the eyeball is 9-15mm);

3, the lens does not touch the skin, and avoid contact with cosmetics, chemicals, high temperature, etc.;

4, when scrubbing the lens, you can first rinse with water or add a little detergent, wash it with a clean paper towel to dry the surface water stains, remember to use the clothes angle, or the old mirror cloth to wipe;

5. If there is no water, blow off the surface of the lens to blow off the dust, then insert the test into the same direction with a clean mirror cloth;

6. When the glasses are not worn, the lens will face upwards. Do not touch the hard objects to avoid scratching the film.

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