Structure of sports glasses. Purchase and maintenance knowledge of sports glasses

sports sunglasses

Sports glasses introduction

Sports glasses are safety glasses that are worn during sports. They are usually equipped with safety (PC lenses), protection (TR-90 frame, soft and flexible), comfortable (slip-proof nose pads and foot covers), and aesthetics. The effect of sports and casual wear.


1) PC lens is a space piece, which is a kind of lens that is not broken or cracked, and its safety is 100%. It is currently the world's thinnest lens, 57% lighter than glass lenses, 37% lighter than resin lenses, and 26% thinner. Currently, the world's most impact-resistant lens, its materials are first used in space shuttle observation windows and bulletproof glass. The impact resistance is 60 times that of the glass piece, 10 times that of the ordinary safety resin sheet, and 100% anti-ultraviolet (UV400).

2) Magnesium alloy lens, its light texture is 2/5 of titanium and 2/3 of aluminum. The processing precision error is only 0.02mm. It has bright color and is not easy to fade. It can add different colors to the lens and is an environmentally friendly product. Benefits: It is stylish and comfortable.

3) Polarized lens adopts the principle of polarization (that is, the principle of blinds), which can play the role of filtering stray light. It can 100% filter harmful ultraviolet light, and can automatically adjust and block the strong reflected light that can not be blocked by general sports glasses, and adjust all the projected light into the same direction light, eliminating the glare reflected light and scattered light, so that the eyes are in The scenery in the sun is clearer and has a better view. Suitable for outdoor sports such as wild tours, driving, fishing, and snow capped mountains.

2, Frame

The TR-90 frame is a super tough resin material that is smooth, flexible and light, and comfortable to wear. It is characterized by high temperature resistance, can withstand 350 degrees of high temperature in an instant, is not easy to melt and burn, impact resistance is more than 2 times that of cellulose acetate plastic (CA), memory function, anti-deformation index reaches 620KG/CM2, weight is 30% lighter than CA .

Sports glasses purchase

1, glasses have different functions

Due to the variety of outdoor sports, including extreme cycling, outdoor mountaineering, jogging, skiing, golf, camping, etc., the functional requirements of sports glasses are different for different sports.

1) Windshield

Suitable for long-term sports enthusiasts in the outside world, especially in areas with strong wind and sand.

2) Myopia sports glasses

In order to meet the needs of myopia sports enthusiasts, the birth of myopia sports glasses has brought them the gospel. The function of myopia sports glasses not only includes the performance of general myopia glasses, but also uses PC material to resist the impact surface, so that myopia friends can enjoy the fun of sports.

3) Polarized sports glasses

There is also long-term exposure to the sun, strong and long-term exposure to the sun, the need to buy polarized sports glasses. For mountain climbers, snow on the mountains is easy to damage the eyes. In terms of ultraviolet rays, the reflected light of 10,000 feet of snow exceeds 50% of the beach. The retina of the naked eye is easily damaged, causing great pain and snow blindness. The sunglasses can be reduced. This damage, but don't be fooled by the cloudy weather, because the ultraviolet rays will penetrate the clouds, the glare of the light will cause headaches, and the sports glasses will have a 95-100 filtering effect. For sports glasses used for glacial travel, a penetration rate of 5-10 is required, while multi-purpose sports glasses must have a penetration rate of 20.

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