What is the role of sunglasses? What are the functions of sunglasses?

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What is the role of sunglasses?

Among the many sunglasses brands, many people have taken the eye, and they have chosen their favorite sunglasses brand. They can face many types of sunglasses and don’t know where to start. They are often fooled by the shopping guides to buy a “look”. Very beautiful, but not practical sunglasses. Today, I mainly talk about the types of sunglasses that are divided into uses, so that everyone can choose the sunglasses that suit them in the future.

What are the functions of different sunglasses?

1. Light-colored sunglasses are actually a fashion variant of sunshade mirrors. Although the blocking effect on sunlight is less than that of sunshades, its basic purpose is to play a decorative role. It relies on rich colors and trendy styles to be favored by young people. In the past few years, fashion women have been more fond of this pair of sunglasses that are suitable for all kinds of clothing.

2. The sun visor is well understood, literally understood to be used to block the sun. If people don't wear sunglasses under strong light, they can only adjust the light flux by adjusting the size of the eye pupils, but this is limited. Once the light intensity exceeds the ability of the human eye to adjust, it will inevitably cause damage to the eyes. Therefore, in the summer, sunshades should be used to protect your eyes, to reduce the fatigue caused by self-regulation of the eyes and the damage caused by strong light stimulation.

3. Special sunglasses are an enhanced version of the ordinary sunshade mirror. Its various indicators are higher than ordinary sunglasses, and it has a larger function of blocking glare. Generally, it has different requirements for special occasions, and is often used for beaches and skiing. Sunlight, mountain climbing and golf are strong, and outdoor sports with good vision are needed.

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