What tools do you need for travel? What are the travel items?

Cycling sunglasses

Every literary youth has a dream of backpacking in the heart, swimming in the south of the Yangtze River, going to the grassland, thinking about it is so beautiful. It is always good to have a dream, but it is far from simple to achieve. Backpacks travel, in addition to having the courage to go, the detailed planning and tool preparation before going out is essential, and those basic equipment, such as clothing, backpacks, mats, sleeping bags, shoes, tents, sunglasses etc. are still ready.

The most prominent advantage of cycling is that it is more peaceful, easier to last, and more adaptable than other sports, such as running and climbing. However, its high degree of insecurity, resulting in sports discomfort and pain, and even the possibility of disease is more than other sports. Therefore, the more you know about the long-distance travel of bicycles, the more extensive and the better, so that you can use your strengths and avoid weaknesses to make the best exercise. Sunglasses are a must-have item for travel. It can effectively protect the glasses from harm during long-distance travel. At the same time, it can block ultraviolet rays and relieve eye fatigue.

Now that the economy is developing very fast, there are more and more wealthy people in China, so many people now choose to study and travel abroad. However, many people go abroad for the first time, and often do not know what items they need to bring when traveling abroad. For the first time abroad, in addition to ID cards, bank cards, passports, cash and other essential items, you must also prepare charging treasures, conversion plugs, portable WiFi and so on.

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