How to ensure that your new sports glasses are suitable for your sport?

sports sunglasses

It is often required to wear some extra equipment, such as a helmet when doing sports. In this case, you should bring your gear when you go to the optical shop. This way you can assess the situation and find a quality solution. The condition of the wearer in use is particularly important for the design of the lens and the subsequent adaptation. A flawed visual point may mean that you can't enjoy good vision when wearing new glasses. The good condition of the shooter, golfer, hunter and archer can be adapted to the glasses on the spot, that is to say, try on the glasses at the shooting range or golf course, and then go to the optical shop for final adjustment.


Note: Progressive lenses, also known as multifocal lenses, are ideal for most sports, including cycling and gliding. However, it is not suitable for golf. Progressive lenses are suitable for wearing at a specific location, but golfing requires changing the line of sight while playing, which means your head needs to move and your posture changes.

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