Indicators for reference when purchasing sunglasses

quality sunglasses

Symbol of quality: CE label

How to judge whether a pair of sunglasses is good or bad? Please find the CE label. Having this label marks that the glasses have reached the basic European standards. If a lens manufacturer fails to meet these standards, it will not be awarded this mark.


UV protection: This is an important indicator for judging the quality of a pair of sunglasses.


The color of the lens: Although the color of the lens has little to do with its anti-ultraviolet effect, it is closely related to glare. Brown, gray and green lenses have a very small effect on natural colors, and you can still get a normal color perception through such lenses. The use of lenses of other colors requires you to make some adjustments to the color judgment of external objects. If you want to use sunglasses while driving, please choose the color of the lens suitable for use in the car (DIN EN ISO 14889). Tip: Some dark lenses with a light absorption rate greater than 25% are not suitable for driving at night.


Lens quality: Like all other high quality lenses, sunglasses also require cut lenses. Both resin and glass are suitable materials. The high-end products in a class of lenses, without streaks and bubbles, which may be the cause of headaches and eye strain. Lightly press with your fingers and the lens should remain stationary. Try it: Move your sunglasses back and forth, and look at the outside world through the lens should not be deformed.


Color-changing lenses: If you are hesitant about the color of the sunglasses, you can choose a color-changing film. The magic of this lens is that it automatically dims in bright places, and in the dark, the lens fades in just a few seconds. If your eyes are sensitive to light, we recommend using a color-changing lens.


Anti-reflective lenses: Many people think that this design is superfluous before choosing anti-reflective lenses. In fact, dark lenses are more susceptible to lens reflection than ordinary lenses, whether they are worn by observers.

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