PC material and CR39 polarized lens

PC Polaroid Polarized Lenses:


PC Polaroid polarized lenses can be said to be a revolutionary upgrade to traditional polarized lenses. It overcomes the spherical and astigmatic problems caused by the easy deformation of the traditional TAC polarized lenses (the optical performance is in accordance with EN 1836 standard CLASS-1); The problem of glass polarized light is relatively heavy and fragile (the specific gravity is 1.21, which is about 46% of the weight of the glass); at the same time, the PC polarized lens has strong impact resistance (the strength is 60 times that of the glass polarizer, 10 times that of resin polarizer); In addition PC polarized lenses are mostly injection-type, and with precision optical lens mold melt injection molding, almost all specifications of traditional lenses can be produced, so the limitations of the design are broken. (Widely used in locks, half frames and other special types).


CR39 Polaroid Polarized Lenses:


Advantages of CR39 Polaroid Polarized Lens: light weight, strong impact resistance, good safety, good chemical stability, good transparency, excellent coloration, UV absorption, and good formability. Disadvantages: low hardness, easy to scratch, poor heat resistance, easy to deform. The main disadvantage of CR39 Polaroid polarized lenses is that they are less wear resistant than glass and require anti-wear film treatment. The resin lens can process the curvature of the lens surface by mode pressing, so it is suitable for the production of aspherical lenses.

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