TAC and Nylon polarized lenses

TAC Polaroid polarized lenses:


TAC Polaroid Polarized Lenses are impact resistant: the unique Polaroid PTX4000 lens is effective against high speed impact, protecting the eyes and eye area; eliminating glare: high quality Polaroid Sunglasses can effectively prevent glare, enhance visual effects and acuity; prevent UV rays : Polaroid lenses not only effectively eliminate glare, but also eliminate harmful UVA, UVB, UVC, and UV rays 100%, fully comply with the highest Australian standards, eliminate ultraviolet rays below 400nm; color is more natural and clear: adopt the latest high Technology PTX4000 polarized lenses are made with unique high-light bending production process to make the color clearer and more natural. Improve visual fatigue: High-light bending technology provides excellent optical performance and polarizing effect during lens bending, and can provide good performance. Optical performance, the wearer's eyes and mood are extremely relaxed, improving visual fatigue.


Nylon Polaroid Polarized Lenses:


The material of nylon Polaroid polarized lenses - transparent polyamide is a new class of polyamide. Since it destroys the regularity of the molecule by a method of introducing a side group into the molecular chain, the formation of crystals is suppressed, thereby obtaining a transparent polyamide. Many sports brand sunglasses and luxury brand sunglasses are made of nylon. In addition to the best optical properties, nylon Polaroid polarized lenses are 100% UV-blocking. Nylon is also the best lens material for impact resistance.

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