How to tell if sunglasses are polarized sunglasses?

The purchase of polarized sunglasses is a favorite of many friends, because polarized sunglasses can effectively exclude and filter out scattered light in the beam. The light can be put into the visual image of the eye on the track of the light track to make the field of vision clear and natural. Just like the principle of blinds, the light is adjusted into the same direction and enters the room, naturally making the scene look soft! And it can filter out 99% of the glare and reflected light, 96% of harmful UV rays. When people are active for a long time under strong light, their eyes are not easy to get tired, they can achieve the function of true protection, and they can make things more clear and three-dimensional. Therefore, it is also more suitable as the first choice for driving, fishing, cycling, hiking, hiking and other activities. The easiest way to identify a liquid crystal display phone is to look at the LCD screen through polarized sunglasses. While rotating the LCD screen, the LCD screen is blacked out as it rotates. This is because the polarized lens filters out the single screen. The direction of the light is caused, then congratulations, is the real polarized sunglasses. Of course, using a large-screen LCD monitor is more effective.

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