How to identify the details of sunglasses?

In addition to the important part frame and lens of the sunglasses, the details should also be noted. You can observe whether the nose pads of the sunglasses frame are symmetrical on both sides; observe whether the two temples are flat, and put the frame on the table to see if the contact points are floating. If there is a high side and a low side, you need to ask professionals to adjust the legs of the sunglasses; also you can open the legs and feel the elasticity.


Usually everyone thinks that the tighter the better is actually wrong, it only tells you that the screw is not lubricated enough, it is easy to cause temple damage, of course if it is too loose, it may be that the screw is not tightened, the best tightness is moderate. Flymoon Mirror Lens Cat Eye Sunglasses is a pair of sunglasses with exquisite details as below.

Mirror Lens Cat Eye Sunglasses made in china.jpg

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