Eyewear knowledge often asked in the eyewear industry

1. What is the principle of polarized glasses?

 Like shutters, polarized lenses allow only light in a certain direction to pass, so they can filter out some of the stray light, soften the light, and reduce glare, making us see objects more clearly and more realistic. Polarized sunglasses especially suitable for fishing and driving.


2. What are the characteristics of pure titanium frames?

 1) 48% lighter than the general nickel alloy frame; 2) Corrosion resistance, anti allergy; 3) Not easy to fade; 4) 2900 degree high temperature welding, very strong and not easy to loose weld.


3. What are the characteristics of the coated lens?

(1) Increase the light transmittance; (2) Anti-reflective; (3) Effectively block harmful light; (4) Waterproof and anti-fog.


4. What is presbyopia?

As the age increases, the crystal gradually hardens, the elasticity decreases, and the function of the ciliary muscle gradually weakens, which causes the eye's regulating function to gradually weaken. Starting at 40-45 years old, reading or close working difficulties occur. The decline in physiological regulation caused by age is called presbyopia.


5. How to maintain the lens?

First wash off the dust particles on the lens with water, drop a few drops of neutral detergent, gently rub with the fingertips, rinse with water, and finally blot the water with a crumbless tissue.

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