Frequently asked questions in eyewear industry

1. Why are the frame prices big differences?

Prices difference in the value orientation: material, craft, style, origin, market pricing, market quantity.


2. Do I have to wear eyeglasses for more than 100 degrees?

From the point of view of protecting the eyes, you should wear glasses, You needn’t wear glasses when you look at something close, but you must wear them when you look far. Otherwise, it is easy to blink when you look far, causing the eye shaft to lengthen and the myopia degree to be deepened. Besides, frequent rubbing of eyes causes wrinkles and affect the appearance.


3. What are the benefits of high quality lenses?

Of course, the Chinese have a famous saying "a penny and a share", which means “you get what you pay for”. Good lenses are differnet in the function of the film layer, the use of the blanks, the precision of the grinding, the hardness, and the refractive index will be different. Good lenses are for the above points. So the price is different.


4. Is the production process of glasses complicated?

In fact, the material of the glasses itself is not expensive, the expensive is its process plating, style, brand. There are more than 250 processes for producing a pair of glasses, because it is worn on the face, affecting the image of people, so the higher the demand for people, the more investment, of course, its brand, culture.


5. How to clean the glasses?

It is best to use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean at the optical shop. It is cleaned with water and neutral detergent. It can be washed directly with water at home. When there is oil stain, add some detergent, then rinse it with water. Use a paper towel without dander to absorb water.


6. Why is the film-coated resin lens more dirty?

Because the film-coated lens has high definition, such as stains on the mirror are easy to see, just like the glass on the window is very clean, if there is a stain on the window, it can be seen at a glance. Otherwise, it is not easy to see.


7. Will you scratch the lens with a paper towel?

It is not the paper towel that scratches the lens, but the sand that adheres to the surface of the lens, so rubbing the lens with a paper towel itself does not scratch the lens.

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