Do you know how to buy children's glasses?

Kids sunglasses

(1)  What kind of frames can be worn firmly?

Whether the frame is worn or not is mainly considered from the following three aspects:

Nose pad: The plastic tray that is in contact with the nose on the frame. When choosing, pay attention to whether the nose pad can stably support the nose bridge, and it will not slip when the head is lowered or shaken. For children with relatively low nose or long eyelashes, it is better to choose glasses with active nose pads because they can be adjusted as needed.

Rim: The size of the rim mainly determines the size of the glasses. If the rim of lens is over the face, it will be too large. The large rim will not be easy to wear. If the lens rim is too small, it will cause the temples on both sides to be stretched. Wearing too tight, not comfortable.

Temple legs: suitable for children's glasses design, the temples should be applied to the skin on the face, or leave a little room for empty, to avoid too small for children to develop too fast, glasses are not worn for too long. For frames that can be adjusted, we can bend the back of the temples to make the wear more stable. For frames that cannot be adjusted, the ear hooks are placed behind the temples, but the frame size is relatively simple. Suitably, for an oversized or undersized frame, even with an ear hook, the effect is less than ideal.

(2)  What kind of frame will be more comfortable to wear?

There is no doubt that the lighter the frame will be more comfortable to wear, such as the titanium frame, the TR90 frame is the lighter frame.

In addition to the weight of the frame, the appropriate frame should be selected according to the child's degree. For the safety and robustness of the frame, it is recommended that children wear a full frame.

Low degrees - no need to think too much about the size of the frame, as long as the child is fit and comfortable.

Medium height number - it is necessary to combine the frame size and the lay length. What is the frame size? It is the size of the frame marked on the temple. The frame size is expressed as: 4816, 2 boxes before and after the box. The combination of numbers up to 2~4 is considered to be a suitable size for the frame size.

(3)  What kind of glasses will look more beautiful?

We usually choose the frame according to the child's skin color, face shape, personality and other characteristics. However, it should be noted that special diopter, such as high hyperopia, high myopia, high astigmatism, etc., after the lens is processed, will affect the overall appearance of the glasses.

For children with heights, we are still the first to introduce resin lenses with different refractive indices according to different degrees:

Low degree (below 3.00D): lenses of 1.50 and 1.56 can be selected;

Moderate number (3.00-6.00D): lenses of 1.56 and 1.60 can be selected;

Height (6.00D or more): Basically choose lenses of 1.60 and above.

It should be noted that for highly hyperopic lenses (+6.00D and above), it is generally recommended to customize, because a special lens diameter can be made, so that the lens will be thinner and the overall effect will be better.

Finally, for the child's eye health, we must reasonably choose the right glasses and lenses for the children, which can effectively reduce visual fatigue and avoid eye growth.

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