Is anti-fatigue lens useful?

1, the principle of anti-fatigue lenses

The anti-fatigue lens is actually a simplified version of the progressive multifocal lens, which is designed according to the principle that the degree of near vision correction of the human eye is gradually reduced. It is developed for eye fatigue, mainly to alleviate the eye fatigue of the wearer. Generally, the anti-fatigue lens is added with an adjustment load of +50 to +60 degrees on the lens according to the principle of a progressive film, optimizing the myopic luminosity to restore the microwave motion to normal, so that the adjustment system of the glasses is restored to balance, and the function without fatigue is obtained. In order to achieve the pressure on the eyes.

2. Is anti-fatigue lens useful?

Anti-fatigue lenses have a certain principle, in principle, can alleviate eye fatigue. But in practice, anti-fatigue lenses can not protect the eyes but need to be analyzed from many aspects. Many experts do not recommend adolescents to use anti-fatigue lenses, because if you rely too much on the lens, it will lead to the loss of some adjustment ability. There are many ways to alleviate eye fatigue, and reducing the long-term use of the eye is the simplest one. However, if equipped with anti-fatigue lenses, it is thought that the eyes can be protected for a long time, which is very unfavorable to the eyes. Anti-fatigue lenses are not so big, and they hope to wear these glasses to indulge their long-term use of the eyes, which is even more eye-catching.

Therefore, the anti-fatigue lens can play a certain role in relieving eye fatigue. Before using anti-fatigue lenses, be sure to have optometry and related examinations, and perform the glasses at the advice of a professional optician. The best way to protect your eyes is to rest properly and use your eyes properly.

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