Maintenance method of acetate glasses

Acetate sunglasses

The acetate glasses are made of high-tech plastic memory materials. Most of the current acetate components are acetate fibers, and a few high-end frames are propionic acid fibers. The plate of acetate fiber is divided into injection molding type and pressing polishing type. The injection molding type is cast by the mold as the name suggests, so the high temperature resistance and flexibility of the acetate glasses are not very good and need careful maintenance.

(1) Keep the glasses from deforming so that the optical center of the lens matches the distance between the lenses. Long-term one-handed glasses are worn, and because of the uneven force on both sides, the frame will be deformed, so you should wear glasses with both hands.

(2) Glasses should not be placed indiscriminately, should be placed in the glasses case as much as possible to avoid squeezing. When placed, the lens surface should face up to avoid wear on the lens surface.

(3) When wiping the glasses, use a special eyeglass cloth to avoid entraining the fine sand to wear the lens. Cleaners should not be corrosive.

(4) Glasses should not be placed in high temperature and humid environment for a long time, such as under the car windshield, bathroom, kitchen, so as to avoid accelerated lens aging and frame deformation.

How to clean the acetate glasses?

(1) Place the glasses under the faucet and let them wet.

(2) Two drops of detergent were applied to both lenses.

(3) Bring the foam to the frame.

(4) Then rinse off with water.

(5) Use a soft tissue to absorb the water droplets remaining on the lens and wipe the water droplets off the frame. After washing, do not wipe the lens with tissue paper, which will easily cause water stains to remain.

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