Do teenagers need to wear anti-blue glasses?

The most intense spectral range of blue light caused by RPE retina is 415nm ~ 455nm, and the best blue light spectrum is 484nm instead of visual light effect; therefore, if we can use various methods in daily life (such as wearing glasses or planting Into the intraocular lens) to shield this part of the spectrum in the blue light, then it will play a role in both good color vision and elimination of blue light toxicity, reduce the incidence of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), while preserving the human biological rhythm effect.


Do teenagers need to use anti-blue glasses?


In view of the special nature of children's eyeball physiology, we suggest that children should wear anti-blue light glasses only when they have strong harmful blue light, such as using mobile phones, computers, and pads at night.


Some parents worry that their eyes are still developing. If you wear anti-Blue-ray glasses at this time, it will have an impact, especially if you hear that Blue-ray has good or bad points. What should I do?


In Wikipedia, there is a description of blue light damage: light is transmitted to the retina through a medium such as the cornea, lens, or vitreous, and the amount of light transmitted is age-related. In young children, more than 65% of blue light is transmitted, and at the age of 25, only 20% of blue light is transmitted to the retina. As the refractive medium of our eyes naturally turns yellow, it absorbs more blue light over time, preventing blue light from reaching the retina. Therefore, children may be more susceptible to harmful blue light.


Harmful blue light damage is a relatively new field of research. Many viewpoints need to be further understood. However, the anti-blue light glasses developed based on the information already available have the ability to distinguish between them and only reduce a part of the short wave (20%~50%). Blue light (415 ~ 455 nm), neither blocking the beneficial blue light (470 ~ 480 nm), nor cutting off all the blue light.

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On the other hand, young children have become the “hardest hit” of electronic product syndrome, with a pad. In such an environment, it is still necessary to wear a pair of protective glasses for children when using electronic products. Have a look at FLYMOON Computer Reading Glasses. However, it is not recommended to let your child wear anti-blue glasses all day long.

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