The difference between polarized sunglasses and general (non polarized ) sunglasses

1. Firstly, polarizers and general sunglasses have the function of preventing ultraviolet rays and reducing the intensity of light, but generally sunglasses do not have the function of separating or converting polarized light, which is the difference between polarized sunglasses and general (non polarized ) sunglasses. Therefore, general sunglasses are relatively cheaper than polarized sunglasses.


2, The general sunglasses only use the role of light reduction, take the dyed color on the dyed lens to all the light into the eye, but can not filter the light, can only reduce glare, ultraviolet light, block the glare, can not block harmful light, reduce damage to the eyes, such sunglasses are low in technical content and low in cost, so they are cheap.


3. Polarized sunglasses are polarized, have a special filter material, can filter and reflect light, reduce visual fatigue, prevent vertigo, and can block glare caused by scattering, flexion, reflection, etc. Completely block UV rays that are harmful to the human eye


4, In our lives there are ultraviolet rays and glare, the existence of these lights will make our eyes fatigue, affect the clarity of the object, and the polarizer can filter out glare, while the polarized sunglasses and non polarized sunglasses has different resolution, because the special design of the polarizer lens only allows parallel light to pass through the lens, so when the two lenses are stacked vertically, most of the light will be blocked.


5. The polarizer is manufactured according to the polarization principle of light. Visible light is transverse wave, its vibration direction is perpendicular to the propagation direction, the vibration direction of natural light, and the plane in the vertical propagation direction is arbitrary. For polarized light, the direction of vibration is limited to a specific direction at a certain moment.

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