Will Yellow Lenses Make People More Happy?

sunglasses yellow lens

Colored lenses will bring more color to your life. But what are the benefits of colored lenses? Which color lenses are beneficial, and which colors follow the trend? It's fun to browse through the rich colored lenses to choose the right lens for your eyes.


Each filter lens has a filter effect - and the hue itself does not change. For example, many people think that yellow light can give them a better mood because of the subjective impression that yellow light makes the appearance of things brighter. However, from a purely objective point of view, these filter lenses do not make anything appear bright, but actually reduce the brightness of the light regardless of what they filter. For example, the yellow lens is able to filter most of the blue light in bright places, leaving us with the impression of improved contrast vision. However, to achieve this effect, the light must be sufficient. This means that there is no such effect at dusk or in the dark. Golfers, sports enthusiasts and target shooters often wear yellow filter glasses to allow them to see the target range in rainy or foggy conditions, resulting in higher contrast and clearer vision.


Motorcyclists and cyclists should not wear lenses that are too dark (category 4). Wearing this type of eyewear will reduce the light transmission rate by 3%-8%, which will affect the reaction to brake lights and traffic signs.


Studies have shown that not all people are tolerant to all colors. Therefore, when choosing filter sunglasses, the most important thing is whether you feel real comfort when wearing these glasses. In the optometrist's sample with filter lenses, you should test before you choose the color you like.

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