The Elderly Must Wear Sunglasses In Summer

Excessive ultraviolet rays in the summer can cause corneal edema, tears, pain and other symptoms that affect vision. According to foreign authoritative ophthalmology magazines, prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause "senile macular degeneration" early, and the latter is one of the main factors that cause vision loss in middle-aged and elderly people. And for patients with cataracts, keratitis, conjunctivitis, retinal detachment and other eye diseases, wearing sunglasses can promote the recovery of the disease, bringing enough coolness and protection in the hot summer days.


When choosing sunglasses, the elderly should choose lenses that can block ultraviolet rays. Be sure to look at the logo carefully. It is not the higher the price, it can provide stronger protection. Older people can choose different sunglasses on different occasions. For example, when choosing fishing, you should choose a polarizer to eliminate the glare from all sides and make the field of vision clearer. When the elderly go hiking in the suburbs, they can choose gray and brown sunglasses, and the best UV protection.

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