How Do People With Special Needs Choose Sunglasses?

It is best to choose a resin lens for myopic people. When trying on it, pay attention to the feeling of discomfort such as dizziness. It is best to go to a professional eye hospital for optometry, so that you can choose a lens that is more suitable for you. It should also be noted that colored lenses are not suitable for long-term indoor wear, so it is necessary to have a pair of ordinary glasses worn indoors.


Children under the age of 6 are not suitable for wearing sunglasses for a long time, because the children at this time are in the critical period of visual development. Excessive wearing of sunglasses can lead to unclear retinal imaging, which may have adverse effects on vision development in the long run. The correct way is to wear the child when the sun is strong, and remove it when the sun is weak. Children under the age of 6 can also choose a sun hat or a parasol to block the sun.



Finally, it is best not to wear sunglasses for glaucoma or people suspected of glaucoma, full color blindness, and night blindness.

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