Sunglasses Maintenance - Pay Attention To High Temperature And Low Temperature

In addition to proper daily maintenance of the glasses, it is also important to treat the glasses correctly. This seems to be very obvious, but here again we emphasize: Do not place the spectacle lens face down. Instead, fold the glasses down so that the lenses don't touch the hard surface directly. In order to avoid the trouble of looking for glasses everywhere, it is recommended to develop the habit of putting glasses in the same place. Then you can find them easily. It is worth mentioning that seats, chairs and sofas are not suitable for putting glasses. Because I accidentally sat on the glasses.


If you are not going to wear glasses for a long time, for example at night, it is recommended to put the glasses in a suitable eyeglass case. This advice is especially for people who have a dog. You will find that your four-legged friend likes to bite frames and even lenses. The result will not only be annoying to you; it will also be dangerous for your dog.


Another external condition that glasses and spectacle lenses don't like is high temperatures. So, whether it's summer or winter, don't put your glasses in the sun. In particular, avoid placing glasses on the dashboard of the car. The radiator is also not good for the glasses. If you go to the sauna, it is recommended not to wear glasses. The colder months of the year can also cause damage to the glasses: the glasses can be severely damaged in colder temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended not to leave glasses in the car all night in winter.

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