Stay Away From “sunglasses Syndrome”

In the hot sun, many people like to wear a pair of sunglasses, which can prevent strong sun damage to the eyes, but also can be used as a decoration to set off their own temperament, which can be described as “two birds with one stone”. But it's important to note that choosing and wearing improper sunglasses can also hurt your eyes and damage your vision.

oversize sunglasses.jpg


Have you heard of "sunglasses syndrome"? It does exist and often appears in some fashionable young people.


After wearing sunglasses for 1~2 weeks in a row, there will be skin numbness, dullness and other symptoms between the eyelids or the cheeks. When you breathe, you will feel nasal discomfort. Just like caught a cold, some people will feel small bugs climbing on the face, sore eyes, etc. This is because they often wear wide, thick, heavy weight glasses.


In addition, some people like to wear sunglasses, regardless of time and occasion, outdoors or indoors, even wearing it at dusk, watching movies, watching TV, which will increase the burden on the eyes, causing eye muscle tension, blurred vision. If serious there are also symptoms such as dizziness and long-sightedness. These symptoms are caused by the abuse of sunglasses.


So for the sake of your health, be sure to pick a pair of healthy sunglasses and develop a good habit of wearing sunglasses.

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