Please Wear Night Vision Glasses When Driving At Night.

Many drivers feel uneasy when driving in the dark or when visibility is poor. Because the pupils get bigger in the dark. The light beams are refracted differently, thus creating a blurry image, which seriously affects driving safety. Therefore, it is necessary to wear night vision goggles at night.


The first thing to know is that there are differences between night vision goggles and sunglasses. Night vision glasses can prevent the lights from glare, prevent the light from being too strong, and can not see the confusion of the road. Together, it can add color saturation and enhance the stereoscopic effect of the object, making the horizon clearer and clearer. Sunglasses can prevent glare from shining. Excellent sunglasses can filter up to 97% of the light in the eye, effectively blocking more UV rays to prevent damage to the eyes. Sunglasses also use polarized light to completely eliminate glare and reduce visibility.


The general principle of night vision glasses refers to the color and film layer added to the lens, and the brightness of the object seen by the progress of the big limit. Its lenses appear in golden color and look similar to metal coatings.


Night vision goggles use the skills of high-reflective reflective film. This kind of skill can improve the night travel, compensate the light required for driving, let the light enter the eye, make the horizon clearer, and prevent the confusion of the lights. Together, you can add color saturation to enhance the three-dimensionality of the object. This obviously added clarity and line-of-sight night vision device is composed of electronic components, mainly divided into infrared and low light. When the low beam is in the vicinity, the light can be weakened to the intensity of the small light bulb. When the high beam is used, the low beam can be weakened to the effect of the low beam, preventing the eye from opening and the confusion of the road.


In summary, for our safe travel, it is very necessary to drive night-vision glasses at night! Now it is the clip on night vision glasses or night vision flip up glasses that is popular, simple and convenient, and cheap!

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